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NEW GASON RELEASE (2023-06-26)

JORDALYFT - en dansrit

Jordalyft – a dance rite Since time immemorial and in all cultures, man has used the rite as a tool to express feelings in a joint action and thereby increase the cohesion of the group and the social community. Rituals are especially important when we feel threatened, worried or sad. Jordalyft – a dance rite invites you to participate in a joint expression of the environment and climate, one of the existential dilemmas of our time. Lars Björklund's subtle and whimsical texts set to music by Maria Hulthén Birkeland's beautiful folkloric tones in harmony with Elisabet Jansson's harmonious and rhythmic choreography promise a border-crossing experience for those who participate.
Maria Hulthén Birkeland - DIN LJUSA SKUGGA

Din ljusa skugga – en mässa i Heliga danser-tradition (Your bright shade - a Mass in the Sacred Dances tradition) was created in close collaboration between lyricist Kristina Sandgren Furberg, composer Maria Hulthén Birkeland and choreographer Hans Kvarnström. The Mass includes all parts of communion worship. The imagery would describe a movement from darkness to light and is taken from the daily rhythm, from dusk to morning.

New CD with composer/singer/folk fiddler Maria Hulthén Birkeland

Maria Hulthén has set to music both published and unpublished Lindstrom Texts. Rune was a pessimistic humorist, he could say that "people never meet" and yet he believed and wrote songs about the love between two people.


A collection of songs for children and everyone with their inside child still living, all about animals in various shapes and moods and colours with FOLKBUS and a big heap of instruments from all cultures, almost, and all songs in a song book
with sheet music and chords.

KAJSERÍER - Inte bara Små Människor

Multimusician and composer Kaj Magnusson presents a collection of his songs from more than 50 years playing in many ensembles and writing songs for himself, and for many other artists, here recorded by himself on one CD and another CD with cover versions recorded by his music friends
This package also contains four never seen concert film files in MP4 formata for your computer

MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA Tappen ur tunnan
CD/DVD 766

NEW CD with previously unreleased archive recordings from years 1980-2020
and a data DVD with video clips and ALL of RAA CDs as mp3 files

LIVE DVD/CD-concert
with Musikgruppen RAA
DVD/CD 762

This is a DVD with the whole performance in the small venue "KLÄMMAN", situated deep in the forrest outside a small village two hours drive from Stockholm. It happened on 1st of July 2017 and contains no less than 28 tracks covering pieces from all the releases by Musikgruppen RAA since their birth in 1973!


MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA takes a big bite presenting an amazingly filled CD - 79 and a half minutes new RAA versions in Swedish of music created almost 40 years ago by the legendary formers of
The Incredible String Band; Mike Heron/Robin Williamson.
Fest i byn from Swedish World Music Group MUSIKGRUPPEN RAApresents another VERY packed CD - 79 and a half minutes of pure joy, virtuoso singing and playing and visits to as far between musical fields as Chinese meditation, rumbling Armenian love songs, Transsylvanian wedding music, Irish political upraising and drunken old Swedish women!.
Another CD; Onda Bet, from this almost legendary World Music Group MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA(born in 1973 and still going strong; finding new songs to perform in their totally own way, and also writing new songs in today´s styles and moods, still with the roots in folklore and ethnics.
Briggen Salta Anna with MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA. Join the ship Salty Anne for a trip from Here to There and back, listen to sailor songs and stories from all the world, performed as on the ship, with screaming seagulls, waves, storm, pirates, whales and excitement.

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