The tenth release from Johan Berke Upstairs Five contains nine original compositions by the Swedish guitarist, recorded in December 2017. RESISTANCE BLUES is the first time trumpeter Niklas Barnö appears with Upstairs Five, alongside saxophonist Fredrik Nordström, whose highly imaginative playing graced 2017’s release SIMPATICO. Bassist Robert Erlandsson and drummer Fredrik Rundqvist also stays on since SIMPATICO and has continued to evolve into a subtly nuanced, yet powerful rhythm section. With the exception of Berke’s solo guitar piece, “So long Allan”, dedicated to the guitarist Allan Holdsworth, who sadly passed away last year, the tunes on RESISTANCE BLUES is oriented towards melodic, modern jazz, often with be bop roots, with just a few excursions into uncharted free jazz territories. There’s ample solo space for all the players, and Berke often sets the tone with solo guitar intros. RESISTANCE BLUES represents a new step in Johan Berke’s ongoing journey as a composer working in several styles, and the extraordinary musicians who perform his material as Johan Berke Upstairs Five.

The line-up on this recording contains
Niklas Barnö Trumpet
Fredrik Nordström Tenor & Alto Saxophone
Johan Berke Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Electronics
Robert Erlandsson Bass
Fredrik Rundqvist Drums


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1 Out of Time 9:09
2 Comfort Zone M 8:29
3 Syndromeda Elswhere 9:04
4 Memories in Black and White 7:20
5 Ralph Towner 9:53
6 Resistance Blues 6:50
7 Short, but Sweet no 29 2:38
8 The Bug, The Fat And the Call 8:02
9 So Long Allan 3:23

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